Terms & Conditions

What you can expect from us!

On the day of the wedding we will turn up in good time to perform your hair styling and / make-up application.

Belles Beauty will at the time of your trial work with you to provide the look/style you want for your wedding day, on this date our hair stylist/ make-up artist will agree a style/look with you and this is what will be the style/look that is completed on your wedding day. If you wish to change this look you must consult the Hair Stylist / Make-up Artist before the wedding date and if necessary arrange another trial. This extra trial will be subject to the same trial fee that you have already paid


In the event of cancellation by Belles Beauty your deposit will be refunded by us.

If you (the client) cancel your contract, your deposit will not be refundable. In addition to this there are some terms concerning any late cancellation that a client may make.

If your contract is cancelled…                                                                                     …within 3 months of the event no further charge will be made.                               …within 2 months of the event 50% of the final balance will be due.                       …within 1 month of the event 75% of the final balance will be due.                     …within 2 weeks of the event 100% of the final balance will be due.

Payment Terms

The balance payment for the wedding day is due on the date of in cash before the hair and makeup starts on your wedding day.

Trials are payable on the day of the trial in cash to the make up artist performing the trial.


We will set aside enough time plus some overspill time in case there are unforeseen circumstances that cause the Bride, Bridesmaids or mother of the bride to be late. However if you are late and our make-up artist /hair stylist runs late as a result, we cannot be held liable for a job which cannot be completed due to time constraint. Belles Beauty will be there 10 min’s before the appointment begins to set up and someone should be available at the house to let us do this. Otherwise setting up time will run into the time within which we should be doing Make-up & Hair. Extra time may be charged for in extreme circumstances (i.e. were timings run over an hour late due to the lateness of those having hair and make-up done) we reserve the right to add an extra charge to cover our time.

In the case where additional make-up or styling is requested (either by an additional person or a person who has already been styled and changed their mind) this can only be done if time allows and the time allotted to the bride will not be forfeited or partially used to do this. If there is spare time then adjustments can be made free of charge however complete restyles are subject to additional fees.


We suggest that you bring pictures with you to your trial of make-up looks or hair styles that you like. We also suggest that you bring any hair adornments and your veil if you are having them. At the trial we will agree your hair / make-up look and take record of this. Having a trial means that you will be at ease on the day (having been given a true feel of how your hair and makeup will be on the day).

If you (the bride) change your mind about your style or look, then another trial will be needed. This is to ensure that we have packed the necessary equipment to fulfil your new look or style and also so you (the bride) are cool calm and collected, (knowing exactly what you will look like) for your big day. If a bridesmaid (or other person) wants to change her style or look from the trial date then the terms are the same as if she had not had a trial in the first place.

If a bridesmaid (or other person) elects not to have a trial they should bring a picture of the style you want which we will copy. Adjustments to an existing style can be made however a restyle, (in the case where there is a change of mind) there will be an extra fee


If anyone in the bridal party (including the bride) has allergies then you must inform us prior to commencement of any treatment. Belles Beauty cannot be held liable for allergic reactions.